Paris Hilton can see herself marrying boyfriend Cy Waits.

The hotel heiress has been dating the Las Vegas nightclub mogul for almost a year and believes he's the right man for her because he loves her for who she is.

She told America's In Touch magazine: "I can see myself marrying him. We are so happy!

"He's different. He doesn't care about the spotlight. He loves me for me."

As well as Paris being smitten with him, it seems her family are also impressed with Cy.

Mother Kathy said: "There have been a few guys Paris has dated that I have openly told her were wrong for her. But Cy is amazing."

Paris - who was spotted looking at engagement rings with Cy last month - recently revealed she feels "broody" and would love to start a family with Cy.

She said: "I feel broody sometimes. I'd love kids in the future. Cy's the best boyfriend I've ever had. I'm so happy with him."