Paris Hilton has finally picked a wedding dress.

The 37-year-old businesswoman is set to tie the knot to her fiancé Chris Zylka later this year, and after previously gushing about her dream Disney-inspired gown, she has revealed she has finally found the perfect dress to wear as she walks down the aisle.

She said: ''I did pick the final one! It is so iconic and I can't wait for everyone to see. Right now we're custom making it so it is going to be really special. We looked at a lot of different options because I am friends with so many incredible designers who are so talented. So it was a really hard choice!''

The DJ plans to keep the details of her gown under wraps until her big day, but has shared some inside knowledge into an after party number she's working on with Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott.

She told People magazine at Beautycon over the weekend: ''Jeremy Scott and I were talking about the after party look because he has just been my friend since I was a teenager and he would make the perfect after party dress. So that is one little hint I'll give! I'm friends with too many designers. Everyone wants to be a part of [my wedding].''

The end of Paris' dress hunt comes after she previously revealed she wanted an extravagant dress which was inspired by Disney's beloved animated characters, who include Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid', Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' and Rapunzel from 'Tangled'.

She said: ''It's a lot of planning to do. Right now, we are just trying to figure out a date and a location and my dress. I definitely want it to be very magical. I love Disney princess vibes.''

Now that one big decision is out of the way, Paris can start focusing on her guest list for the nuptials, as she admitted she still isn't sure who to invite and is considering having multiple receptions with the different groups of people she knows.

She said: ''I have so many friends and it's so hard to pick. I have all my mom's friends, all my family, all my cousins and all of that and then I have my other group of friends who are like my fun friends who I'm at Coachella with and EDC and Burning Man. It's going to be a very weird mixture to have everyone, so I don't know. Maybe I do like the family wedding and then the fun, friend wedding - the after, after party wedding.''