Paris Hilton has never exactly been out of the public eye, but many would wager that she was at her most prominent in the early to mid-noughties when appearing in reality TV show 'The Simple Life' along with fellow socialite and fellow daughter born-into-money Nicole Richie between 2003 and 2007, as well as making numerous cameos and appearances in films and TV programs including 'Zoolander' and 'The House Of Wax' and gaining several modelling contracts.
Those TV appearances have abated slightly over the past couple of years, though her modelling remains prominent, and yet Hilton's apparently proven that the skills that made her father so successful in the hotelier business have been passed onto her. The star told Fhm Magazine, appropriately whilst modelling, that since 2005 she's earned $1.3 billion.
Hilton told the magazine, "I have 35 stores and 17 product lines. And then there's my racing team, my 14 fragrances and my new project, the Paris Hilton Beach Club chain." She doesn't plan to stop there either, in something which overshadows even American's current pre-eminent socialites the Kardashians, with ideas for a beach club in the Philippines that'll have "nightclubs, restaurants, bars, gyms. Everything really." When you put it into that context, Hilton's axed return to reality TV in 2011 with 'The World According To Paris' doesn't seem so bad.