Socialite-turned-singer Paris Hilton turned the U.S. airwaves blue on Thursday morning (10Oct13) after slamming a radio Dj moments after completing a phone interview - without realising she was still live.

The hotel heiress was promoting her new song with Lil Wayne, Good Time, on Bob and the Showgram on North Carolina's G105 station when host Bob Dumas started quizzing her about her infamous 2001 sex tape and other personal issues.

Asked if she regretted filming the explicit 1 Night in Paris video with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, the blonde star responded, "Well, that was not anything to do with me. I just dated a person who was a very sick man..."

Dumas then pointedly asked Hilton, "You ever going to get married?". The 32 year old managed to maintain her composure and replied, "Not now, but eventually I would like to. For right now I'm just really focusing on my work, my business and travelling..."

They wrapped up the phone interview shortly afterwards, but Hilton didn't wait for Dumas to hang up the phone and was instead heard blasting the presenter to her publicist.

She raged, "That guy was a f**king a**hole, I'm never doing that show again... They didn't even mention the song."

Her representative was heard replying, "I already put in a call to them, I can't believe they brought that c**p up."

Dumas and his co-presenters were then heard laughing hysterically at Hilton's accidental on-air swearing episode before cutting off the call.