Paris Hilton was apparently "so offended" by Australia's Channel 7 reporter asking her about life after fame, that she has threatened never to talk the network again, if it airs the video interview. The interview was shown, regardless, including segments of Paris' entourage vetting the journalist prior to the interview, to see what kind of questions will be asked.
Paris is seen, before the interview begins, ordering for the cameras to be turned off, whilst she also goes over the questions, to check exactly whet it is she's letting herself in for. She wasn't allowed to talk about Kim Kardashian, or prison, or, indeed, the sex tape for which Paris is possibly most famous. The interview begins well, despite the restraints, with Paris detailing a day in the life of Paris Hilton (there is no typical day, apparently, "there's always something new and exciting." The question that apparently got Paris riled was "What about when you're not famous anymore?" She appeared happy enough to answer, saying "I wanna have a family, I wanna have children and have a normal life and just be with my kids." The pair shook hands and all seemed well.
After the interview, though, it was a different story. The closing remarks from the interviewer were "evidently, when you're famous for simply being famous, the thought that one day you may not be famous is simply too much to bear."