Paris Hilton has been approached about doing another season of 'The Simple Life'.

The 37-year-old beauty - who starred alongside Nicole Richie on the reality TV show, in which the pampered duo took on low-paying jobs - has revealed she's been asked about the possibility of appearing in a reboot, but Paris is instead keen to focus her attention on her other ventures for the time being.

She explained: ''They've been talking about it and they asked me.

''I feel like I had so much fun doing it but I'm focusing on all my businesses and really wouldn't have time to go over to a farm again and do that.''

Despite this, Paris - who is engaged to American actor Chris Zylka - has suggested it's something she might be willing to consider further down the road.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she shared: ''It was so much fun and it's such a hilarious show. I still watch it. It's fun that everyone's enjoying it and it'd be amazing for it to come back.''

Meanwhile, Paris also revealed that her 'Simple Life' co-star Nicole and her good pal Britney Spears have both been invited to her wedding.

Asked about her preparations for the big day, Paris said: ''All my girls will be invited. Right now, we're just picking out the dress and the location.

''There's so much to plan so I just can't wait. It's a really exciting time for everyone.''

Paris also revealed her wedding day will feature lots of outfit changes, as her designer friends have been helping her with preparations.

She said: ''I love outfit changes. I have so many amazing designer friends who are sending me all these designs, so there's going to be a few outfit changes for sure.''