Paris Hilton and her boyfriend watch old episodes of 'The Simple Life'.

The 36-year-old star has revealed she sits down with her beau Chris Zylka to watch episodes of the reality show, which she starred in between 2003 and 2007.

She said: ''Actually, my boyfriend and I watch it all the time, so there are a lot of really funny ones that I remember. I think one of the most funny ones was when Nicole and I worked at Sonic.

''We were just dressed up on those big milkshake outfits, and we were running around and causing trouble. We always had so much fun on that show. [Nicole] is so funny.''

However, other than her show, Paris admits she doesn't watch much television but will always make time in her busy schedule to tune into her boyfriend's show 'The Leftovers'.

She added: ''I actually don't watch that much television because I am constantly traveling. The only shows I watch are my boyfriend's show - The Leftovers on HBO.''

Meanwhile, Paris insisted a return to reality television or 'The Simple Life' isn't a ''priority'' for her at the moment but says she does get offers daily.

She told Refinery29: ''They've been talking to me about it and asking me for a while. I've just been so busy with everything else going on.

''Reality TV is not really a priority for me; I get offered every single day from different networks and producers coming up with ideas. I just don't think anything has been innovative or exciting to me. So, I'd rather focus on my business. I feel like that show was just everything. So, it would be really hard to recreate that.''