An empty can of dog food snatched from Paris Hilton's rubbish bin has fetched hundreds of dollars after being sold on internet auction site eBay.

One barking mad bidder paid $305 (£151) for the empty container of gourmet pet food.

The public's obsession with Hilton appears to have reached bizarre new heights, with a used toothbRush taken from the hotel heiress' bin also fetching $305 (£151).

Meanwhile two envelopes sent to The Simple Life star while she was serving time in jail sold for $510 (£252) and an empty Coke can fetched $51 (£25).

The items were put up for auction by website, which sells items collected from celebrity rubbish bins.

However, it seems that not everyone is so taken with Hilton, who was released from a Los Angeles prison last week after serving 23 days for driving on a licence that had been suspended following a previous alcohol-related reckless driving conviction.

In her first broadcast interview following her release, Hilton had told US chat show host Larry King that she intended to clean up her act and work with charitable organisations including the campaign group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

But yesterday the organisation appeared to rebuff the offer from Hollywood's most notorious party girl.

"We have reservations about her behaviour thus far," said MADD spokeswoman Misty Moyse.

"Typically, we've only worked with high-profile figures if there's true responsibility for those actions," she added.

03/07/2007 07:52:05