Socialite Paris Hilton has upped security at her home in Los Angeles in a bid to keep prying paparazzi from catching her and new housemate PARIS LATSIS getting romantic.

The hotel heiress-turned-reality TV star says celebrity snappers are beginning to get too close for comfort, and she's determined to keep them away.

She says, "I have so much surveillance and I have the best security systems, I have my guard dog and I have three security guards always outside my house."

But the guards weren't there recently when the paparazzi chased her down a one-way street.

She explains, "I was driving home and I drove up the wrong street and they tried to corner me in the middle of a dead end. I started screaming, it was so scary.

"I don't know what they were doing. They were trying to block me in and I was in my Ferrari and I just went so fast and I think they were so scared I was gonna crash into them so they moved.

"As soon as I walk out of my house there are 50 photographers, so it's hard. They live outside my house so it's really scary. They're just parked on the street outside, they're brutal.

"When I'm at home I don't want the paparazzi in my private life. They're not supposed to be filming and taking pictures of that too. They're always there. It's hard. I scream at them to leave but they don't listen."

26/04/2005 09:09