Paris Hilton has been photographed in Las Vegas with Britney Spears' former husband Kevin Federline.

Spears and Federline divorced last year and have been engaged in a bitter legal battle over the custody of their two children.

The celebrity socialite recently attended the Baby One More Time star's 26th birthday and was regularly seen with the singer at Los Angeles' trendiest nightspots a few months ago. However, it seems as though The Simple Life star now prefers the company of Spears' former significant other.

Hilton has been seen at parties in Las Vegas with Federline for two nights running now even though they both threw separate New Year parties.

US magazine reports that Hilton was in a wild mood at her end-of-year bash at Pure nightclub which took place fashionably early on Sunday night.

During the party, she grabbed the microphone and said: "We need to get crazy. Everyone needs to drink more. It's almost New Year's."

The magazine reports that she then hugged Federline and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, a move that raised eyebrows among his entourage.

Yesterday Federline's legal team said Britney Spears would be deposed early in 2008. Spears missed the previous date for her hearing citing illness and anxiety for her absence.

01/01/2008 12:16:35