Paris Hilton is furious with producers of her reality show The Simple Life after they broke a promise not to show footage of the socialite's fall from a horse.

Hilton begged the show's bosses to pull footage they took of her sobbing in pain as she was airlifted to a hospital after the fall while filming an episode of THE SIMPLE LIFE 2.

She claims producers agreed not to show the harrowing scenes, but was shocked when they appeared in the first episode, which was aired at a launch party last week (11JUN04).

Hilton moans, "They promised me that they weren't going to film me in the helicopter; they weren't gonna film any of it.

"I had dirt all over my face and I was crying and I was like, 'Turn the cameras off... I don't want this to be a part of the show.'

"They promised me they wouldn't, and look what's in the first episode."

15/06/2004 17:14