Socialite Paris Hilton has only a few friends left after drastically reducing her social circle.

The SIMPLE LIFE reality TV star, 24, was betrayed by several pals who sold stories about her to the press, and was criticised by high-profile celebrities, including BLACK EYES PEAS singer Fergie, John Stamos and Cameron Diaz, when their phone numbers ended up on the internet after Hilton's T-MOBILE sidekick was hacked.

Hilton laments, "I don't really have as many friends as I used to. I used to have all these fake friends who didn't really care about me.

"The only real friends I have are, my family, my sister (NICKY) and my boyfriend (PARIS LATSIS) and a couple of other people. Because you can't really trust anyone, especially in LA."

09/05/2005 17:15