Kyle Richards has had more than $1 million worth of jewellery stolen from her home.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star and her husband Mauricio Umanksy's home in Encino, California, was robbed while the couple were on holiday in Aspen, Colorado.

The crime was discovered by a housekeeper and it soon became apaprent that the burglars had gone straight for the jewellery box - snatching $150,000 worth of watches.

A window was reportedly smashed and the home security system was not armed but a closet sensor clocked the burglary at around 1.15am and CCTV footage is being used to help find the culprits, according to reports obtained by TMZ.

Kyle, 48, and Mauricio, 47, bought the home in October for $8.2 million and at the 'Real Housewives' premiere party in December, she told PEOPLE they were still in the process of moving in and renovating the house.

She said: ''It's taking forever. There's probably like 50 workmen in my house a day, so it doesn't feel like a home yet.

''It's a house still. So I'm waiting to make it my home.''

The reality TV star - who is Paris Hilton's aunty - left her Bel-Air home, listing it for $6.9 million, because she was ''looking for a change''.

She said: ''I looked all over for over a year, and by coincidence I went to look at this house just to look at their floors, and I fell in love with the property because the house has a lot of history.

''It was built in 1892, and I just fell in love with it. I was like 'oh my gosh. Oh my gosh'.

''When we travel I'm always saying to my husband 'I wish we could live in some place like this'. With all of the trees and a big property.

''But it's not really conducive to our lifestyle. We have to leave California, so all of a sudden we found this property that felt like we were not in Los Angeles, and we just grabbed it.''