Socialite Paris Hilton was rightly jailed for violating probation, according to TV star JUDGE JUDY SHEINDLIN. The heiress is serving 45 days after she was caught driving with a license that had been suspended after her arrest for driving under the influence in 2006. Los Angeles authorities have been accused of treating Hilton harshly - but the star of Judge Judy, herself a former family court judge, insists her sentence was fair. She told talk show host Larry King last night (18Jun07), "When a judge says to somebody, 'I'm going to give you an opportunity to remain free - you committed a crime.' In this case, she was driving while intoxicated and endangered a lot of people. 'But I'm going to give you a chance to stay out of jail, even though I could put you in jail for what you did, but you have to abide by these rules.' And she breaks the rules. "Paris Hilton is a criminal - a little criminal, but a criminal."