LATEST: Paris Hilton's dreams of a "royal wedding" in London's St Paul's Cathedral have been dashed by historic venue.

The hotel heiress was desperate to marry her fiance PARIS LATSIS at a fairy tale ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral and claimed to have written a letter to Prince Charles begging to be allowed to tie the knot there.

She says, "I've always wanted to be a princess on my big day."

But a St Paul's source insists only members of the royal family may marry there: "Only royalty can marry on the cathedral floor. You can't buy your way in, no matter how rich you are."

Hilton's spokesman confirms, "Paris won't be getting married in Britain. She's currently in Greece and it looks like it will happen over there."

The blonde reality TV star could yet have the royal wedding of her dreams - the cathedral's Chapel of St Faith allows marriages for cathedral workers.

The source adds, "If Paris got a job as the chapel's cleaner she'd be able to get hitched there."

15/07/2005 01:55