Paris Hilton's best pal KIM KARDASHIAN has confirmed she and exboyfriend Ray J filmed a sex session - and now she's trying to make sure it doesn't go public. The tape featuring the socialite performing sex acts on Brandy's little brother, who is now dating Whitney Houston, has allegedly found its way into the hands of bosses of Internet and DVD porn giants Vivid Entertainment, who hope to post the footage in cyberspace. Kardashian originally declared, "There is no tape being shopped," adding, "I would love to see what they've (Vivid Entertainment heads) seen." But now the daughter of OJ Simpson's one-time attorney, ROBERT KARDASHIAN, accepts there is a sex tape out there. She explains, "A tape does exist... Ray J and I are friends, we remain friends. Whatever we did was our personal business. I hope that it remains private." Meanwhile, website has obtained an exclusive clip of the sex tape and it is now posted for all to see. The 40-second segment shows Kim and Ray J in bed as he struggles "to get the right lighting." Sultry Kim, wearing sexy lingerie, then poses while her ex gropes her.