LATEST: Paris Hilton's mobile phone mishap has uncovered private notes leading to speculation over the hotel heiress' involvement in the release of her infamous sex tape.

Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Anna Kournikova and Ashley Olsen are just some of more than 500 names and phone numbers splashed all over the internet after the 24-year-old socialite's Blackberry phone was hacked.

Rocker Fred Durst's representative says the incident has been, "A big pain in the a*s."

But while the stars were trying to ward off thousands of unwanted phone calls, American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE discovered two intriguing personal notes stored in Hilton's phone.

A note, dated last November (04), simply reads, "IAN EISENBURG at MAVARD." Mavard is the internet porn company responsible for releasing clips of the home video featuring Hilton and her then-boyfriend RICK SALOMON.

Another note dated last October (04), reads, "Check (cheque) from RICK," prompting speculation it's from Salomon.

When the clips were first released in November 2003, Hilton, Marvad and Salomon began a war of lawsuits. Hilton was outraged over the internet footage and Salomon denied he released them. Then suddenly, one by one, the lawsuits were quietly dropped.

Salomon went on to make a fortune by releasing the entire sex tape, and Hilton has never acknowledged getting any cut of the profits.

23/02/2005 09:57