Hotel heiress Paris Hilton assured her former boyfriend Nick Carter nothing can "tear us apart" in a romantic letter - just weeks before they split.

In a revealing plea to the BACKSTREET BOYS star, Hilton urges Carter to love her for the rest of his life and promises they're destined for a life-long relationship if they're "strong" enough to overcome any obstacles.

However, Hilton's idealistic peek into the future was proved wrong when the pair split in July of last year (04) after a seven-month romance.

In the note published in Britain's HEAT magazine, Hilton writes to Carter, "Think of something you couldn't live without and multiply it by a hundred. Think of what happiness means to you and add it to the feelings you get on the best day you've ever had.

"I really believe that you and me have an opportunity to be as happy as any two people could ever possibly be. That's why if I could have one wish, it would be for you to never stop loving me.

"Because no matter what comes along, if we just keep our love strong there's nothing that could tear us apart. I love you forever, love Paris."

09/02/2005 17:42