Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has endured some tough times on the set of her new movie THE HOUSE OF WAX - including cutting her knee.

THE SIMPLE LIFE star, 23, is currently in Australia making the thriller alongside 24 beauty Elisha Cuthbert and is finding acting to be a very demanding profession.

Paris laments, "We're in the middle of nowhere - like 45 minutes away from, like, civilization and it's, like, all real.

"It's, like, really cold and last night we were shooting at this sugar mill and it really smelled bad. And I didn't wear shoes, like, I don't know.

"We're in the middle of nowhere and there's bugs everywhere. Everything's real - I'm actually running through a forest with bare feet - it hurts. I've done my own stunts, like falling. I hurt my knee - it was bleeding. But it looks good, so it's worth it."

31/05/2004 17:01