Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is set to showcase her acting skills in her first ever major movie acting role.

Hilton, who has had minor parts in such films as THE Cat In The Hat and Wonderland, shot scenes in THE HILLZ at the end of 2002.

The movie is about a promising college athlete who takes a turn for the worse when he hooks up with old high school friends during his summer break.

Hilton stunned the cast and crew when she was shy about kissing her co-star JESSE WOODROW, but she had good reason - her fiance at the time, model Jason Shaw, was watching behind the scenes.

Director SARAN BARNUN says, "She felt bad that she had to kiss Jesse - she really did. I saw her talking to Jason over in the corner."

The movie is expected to be released later this year (04).

18/02/2004 08:59