Movie producer RICK SALOMON claims he has dozens of sex tapes of himself with models and actresses - which he plays to entertain house guests.

However, Salomon - who has recently split with his actress wife SHANNEN DOHERTY - blames housemate DON THRASHER for selling the infamous sex tape of him and ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton, which has been viewed by millions on the internet.

Salomon claims, "I never thought Don would do the dirty on me. I thought he might have copied it and was enjoying it for his own benefit, but it didn't bother me because I trusted him.

"I thought he'd just copied it to get off on in private. Paris never wanted it out there and neither did I.

"This is something I made for my own private consumption, and just a few of my close buddies.

"I didn't force Paris to do anything she didn't want to do.

"When we made the tape, I never thought it would be for anyone other than us - or a very tight circle."

29/03/2004 14:24