Paris Hilton's best pal Nicole Richie has come to the socialite's defence as she fights an ongoing battle to keep sex tapes she stars in off the Internet.

The couple teamed up to make reality show The Simple Life earlier this year (03), and Richie is now urging the curious not to watch snippets from a sex tape that has been leaked onto the Internet.

She says, "Those are private times in your life and it's nobody else's business to go and watch it. It's horrible.

"In my line, I'm like, 'Who cares about whether she has sex? She's 22, she has sex. I have sex. Who cares?'"

Meanwhile, Hilton, who returned to Los Angeles from a break in Australia yesterday (13NOV03), has managed to persuade the bosses of website not to sell copies of the video, which shows her having sex with ex-boyfriend RICK SOLOMON.

Website boss KEVIN BLATT says, "We've entered into an agreement with Paris Hilton and the tape will never be shown, and all copies will be destroyed."

14/11/2003 09:06