Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape with an ex-boyfriend has left the hotel heiress with an urge to make her family proud of her.

The star of reality TV show The Simple Life, 23, has been left "embarrassed and humiliated" since the video tape of her having sex with RICK SOLOMON surfaced on the internet last year (03).

Hilton says of her family, "They were not too impressed with some of the publicity I was getting.

"And while I do my own thing, I don't want my family getting hurt.

"I want them to be proud of me and what I achieve."

The 27-minute sex tape has made the multi-millionairess the ninth most popular celebrity to be typed into internet search engine GOOGLE.

The multi-millionairess says of the tape, "I was in an intimate relationship never thinking that my foolish actions would become public.

"I can't walk the streets and don't want to go out any more.

"I don't want to party."

25/02/2004 17:34