LATEST: Paris Hilton is planning to shoot a video for the much battled-over single SCREWED - even though she claimed to be unhappy with its leak on the internet.

Both Hilton and Haylie Duff have recorded the same song, and while they were figuring out how to proceed, Hilton's version was put online after it was aired on the radio.

In July (04), Duff, who has rights to the song, announced she was attempting to block Hilton from releasing the track, explaining, "Paris has talked to the people who wrote the song, and I think it's all under control now."

But the track hit the internet before Duff's planned August (04) release date, which Hilton's spokeswoman claimed she didn't want, because a distribution deal had not yet been set in place for the album PARIS IS BURNING.

So fans are now stunned to learn that Hilton is pressing forward with plans to shoot a video for the track with director DAVID LaCHAPELLE, who helmed Christina Aguilera's DIRRTY clip.

Hilton recently suffered a more scandalous outing on the internet, when a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend RICK

SALOMON surfaced and became an instant international hit.

01/09/2004 02:39