Socialite Paris Hilton could be set to reprise her role in REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, according to her co-star Alexa Vega. Vega, who starred alongside Hilton in the 2008 rock musical, admits that although the film's producers were disappointed that the picture was only given a limited release in the U.S., they still hope to bring back the cast for a sequel.
She tells, "From the very, very beginning, we always talked about a prequel or a sequel to this movie. And its hard, because as of right now, we all want to do it, but, you know, it didnt really do as we hoped.
"And we didnt really have a lot of support. But were hoping that the fans will come back, and it will be an underground cult classic that will grow, and that will eventually spark us to do either the prequel or the sequel to this film."