Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been threatened with a lawsuit, after failing to pay two electricians for $3,995 (GBP2,219) worth of work carried out at her Los Angeles home.

When the socialite moved into her pad, she claimed it was unsafe for her to live there, due to the absence of locks on the front door and blinds on the windows. So the reality TV star called BARAK and TALI BEN SHAUL, a husband-wife electrician team.

The couple quickly went to work on Hilton's house, even though they generally don't do locks and blinds. And normally, the Ben Shauls say they would ask for a big down payment, but because this was Hilton, they made an exception. They installed motion light sensors and locks and put in blinds.

The final bill came out to $3,995. The Ben Shauls say they've since sent out many bills and made dozens of calls, but never received payment from Hilton.

Barak tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "Basically, I never thought something like this would happen. It's been, what, since December of last year.

"Nobody cares. We're small. If I was Ashton Kutcher, I would get my money in a second, I can assure you that."

Tali adds, "We're not that important in this town. It just makes me feel bad. And I just want to get my money back. And please, as soon as possible. We've been waiting long enough."

The Ben Shauls say that if they don't get paid soon, they will file a lawsuit.

02/08/2004 02:46