LATEST: Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has taken early steps towards reconciling with Nicole Richie following their 21-month feud, but insists its too early to declare they are "best friends" again. The Simple Life co-stars mysteriously fell out in January 2005 after a life-long friendship, with Hilton later declaring, "Nicole knows what she did." On Sunday (08OCT06), the socialites stunned awaiting paparazzi when they left Dan Tana's restaurant in Los Angeles together. Hilton's publicist says, "They had a meal. It's not my place to say what was discussed or the nature of the meal. But it's a good thing when people have a meal together. "I wouldn't characterise it (their friendship) that way (as best friends) because I don't know if it was a business or personal discussion. Let's just watch it unfold." The pair are expected to co-star in the fifth series of their hit reality show again later this year (06), after filming the fourth series separately.