Hotel heiress Paris Hilton threw a tantrum when TV chiefs tried to persuade her to sign on for another series of hit reality show The Simple Life.

The sexy socialite vowed earlier this year (04) not to work on a third series of the smash television programme after falling out with fellow rich girl Nicole Richie.

And, when show executives offered her a basketful of gifts in a bid to change her mind, Hilton threw it back at a terrified producer, shouting, "I'll never do another series of that show."

One astonished observer says, "She was screaming and bellowing things like, 'I don't need you,' and 'I'm a big star and I don't need your cr**py gifts.'

"Paris hit them with one parting shot saying, 'I'll also be getting enough money to but the whole f***ing lot of you.' Then she stormed out.

"They're desperate to bring Paris and Nicole back. But it now looks like they've got as much chance of achieving that as Paris has of winning a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE."

29/08/2004 14:52