LATEST: Paris Hilton has furiously denied breaking into unauthorised voice mail boxes, including Lindsay Lohan's, after being caught up in a US cell phone scandal. The hotel heiress was named among 50 SpoofCard users who have had their accounts terminated for allegedly changing what others see on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. It has been reported one of the victims of the phone pranks was Hilton's party scene rival Lohan. Last month (JUL06), Hilton was accused in the New York Post of hacking into the actress' BlackBerry and sending offensive messages which appeared to have come from Lohan. However, Hilton's representative Elliot Mintz retorts, "The comments do not accuse Paris of violating Lindsay's voice mail. "Also, historically, I can't think of anyone in America who has suffered more public humiliation over the invasion of her privacy as it pertains to communications devices than Paris Hilton."