LATEST: Paris Hilton's garbage looks set to make its new owners millionaires, after bidding on items stolen from the newly released socialite's trash can reached $1.5 million (GBP750,000) this week. had placed an empty dog-food can that it claims is from the hotel heiress' West Hollywood house on the auction site eBay - and by Thursday (28Jun07) the item had sparked a bidding war among Hilton's fans. But the guys behind the website are doubtful over the legitimacy of the bids and have asked eBay officials to check on the potential buyers' backgrounds. A representative for the website says, "I'm definitely skeptical. I'd hate to get that eBay bill and then nobody pays." Ebay spokeswoman Kim Rubey adds, "We do like to remind all the buyers that any bid is a binding contract to enter into an agreement with the seller, and we do have rules against bids that are not legitimate and we will take action against a joke bid." Other items of stolen garbage also up for auction include a used toothbrush, an autographed postcard and a fan's letter to the Simple Life star. The toothbrush has the second highest bid after the dog-food can, with the price tag currently standing at $285 (GBP142.50). The auction ends on Sunday (01Jul07).