Paris Hilton is "really scared" by the prospect of her impending jail sentence - but has thanked her supporters for "keeping her strong". The law-breaking socialite, 26, was sentenced to 45 days behind bars earlier this month (May07), after violating the terms of her 2006 drink-driving arrest - but will now serve a minimum of 23 days in jail, according to the LA Sheriff's Department. And although she's not looking forward to a jail term, she insists the support of friends and family has kept her spirits up. She says, "I'm really scared right now, but I'm trying to stay strong. "I've been concentrating hard on keeping busy with workouts and my family. I'm doing OK. All the support I have had from people has really helped." The star was keen to point out she has been behaving herself since her punishment was announced: "I haven't been going out. I'm being a good girl." Hilton is currently appealing her jail sentence, which she must begin serving on 5 June (07).