Paris Hilton has jetted into France to promote her documentary at the Cannes International Film Festival - three years after she tried to ban PARIS, NOT FRANCE from hitting screens.
The behind-the-scenes feature, filmed while Hilton recorded her debut music album Paris, was initially screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006.
The heiress refused to give her blessing to the project at the time because she hated the way she was portrayed.
But now the 28 year old has axed one minute of footage from the film - and insists she is finally ready for fans to see what she is really like outside her public persona.
She explains, "I've held back for three years because I wasn't comfortable with showing myself like that.
"But I'm ready. Before people would say I didn't work for a living and did nothing, but now I know it's not true."
U.S. network MTV has reportedly purchased the rights to air Paris, Not France.