Entrepreneurial hotel heiress Paris Hilton is proud she's now earning her own money, instead of taking handouts from her wealthy parents.

The blonde socialite - who's father is the grandson of the HILTON hotel chain's founder CONRAD HILTON - has successfully established her own career despite her privileged upbringing.

Her various screen projects include starring in the successful reality TV show The Simple Life and acting in horror movie HOUSE OF WAX.

Hilton, 24, has also launched her own perfume and a make-up range is expected to follow later this year (05).

She says, "Making my own money feels better than anything.

"I've always grown up with money and I've never really thought about it. It was just something which was around.

"But I'm not one of these people who's like, 'Oh I only wear designer clothes.'

"If I go to a thrift store and see a cool dress for $5, why not?"

27/05/2005 17:37