Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is so proud of her death scene in her upcoming remake of horror classic HOUSE OF WAX, she's approved a line of T-shirts promoting her demise.

The blonde socialite has given film studio Warner BROS the go-ahead to distribute promotional T-shirts bearing the words "SEE PARIS DIE" alongside "May 6", the movie's opening date.

She says, "I have the coolest death scene in the movie. I die in sexy red lingerie - very sexy lace panties and a bra. It was really cool to watch myself (die in the movie)."

Producer Joel Silver adds of Hilton's "wild" death scene, "They had to put her on a dolly, they had to pull her back. It's a combination of science and acting and emoting - and she had never done this before!

"That stuff's not easy to do. When the knife goes up her foot... Picture-making is more difficult than people realise."

31/03/2005 02:28