Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is planning to start having children soon after her wedding to PARIS LATSIS - on the advice of her future father-in-law.

The blonde beauty, who accepted Greek shipping heir Latsis' marriage proposal last month (MAY05), has met with the billionaire's father GRIGORIS KASIDOKOSTAS, and he's thrilled to welcome her into his family.

Kasidokostas, who first met Hilton in December (04) on a family skiing vacation in Gstaad, Switzerland, says, "I love Paris like a daughter. (When I met her) I understood why my son is so crazy about her. She is not only beautiful, but a very sweet and kind girl. The whole family is thrilled with the news."

Hilton adds of Kasidokostas, "He loves me and it so happy for us. He wants to be a grandpa soon, and he has told us to have kids when we are young. I promise we will not disappoint him."

23/06/2005 02:45