Paris Hilton caused disruption and upset in the doll world on Saturday night (05FEB05), when she played a home-wrecking Barbie on an American comedy show.

The hotel heiress stepped out as a 'Fashion Fever' version of the plastic favourite on Saturday Night Live, where she left show regular Amy Poehler's vintage Barbie character distraught, after sleeping with her boyfriend KEN, played by WILL FORTE.

After being caught trying to lure Ken back to bed to show him that she could put her legs behind her head, Hilton's Barbie was defiantly told Poehler's veteran doll, "You're going straight to the garage sale!"

Poehler then pulled off Hilton's plastic arm and beat her with it before leaving the dolly house.

But the attack didn't end there - Hilton was also beaten by a Bratz doll, played by Maya Rudolph, after branding her "filthy street trash".

Hilton also played a sex line operator and a 1980s high school girl during her hosting stint on the show.

07/02/2005 02:57