Paris Hilton could avoid a driving ban if a sympathetic Los Angeles rehab centre gets its way. The 25-year-old failed a sobriety test after being pulled over by police in Hollywood earlier this month (SEP06). She later apologised, blaming a 24-hour working day and one lone Martini for failing the test. The hotel heiress-turned-pop star looks set to be sentenced to an Alcoholics Anonymous programme by a court when she appears to answer Drink Driving charges next month (OCT06). But Hilton has been invited to attend alcohol abuse counselling by a new clinic set up by MARC KERN, which promotes moderation instead of abstinence. Moderation Management will allow Paris to carry on drinking and partying, as long as she follows their strict programme of moderation. The sessions won't cost millionairess Paris anything - but she will be expected to donate cash to the centre if the group helps. Kern says, "Paris is obviously an early stage problem drinker, and an abstinence group is an overkill and inappropriate for a celebrity. "It is time the community stands up to protect its safety and feel that a reasonable and workable sentence has been made, but also help the establishment see that one size does not fit all. "To mandate that Paris Hilton attend an abstinence-only support group is counterproductive and is not really going to help, if our goal is to rehabilitate or educate. "What is best for her? Paris needs Moderation Management, not AA."

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