Paris Hilton has hit back at her moaning neighbours, branding them "mean" for complaining about her late-night antics.
Residents in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills were left fuming after the Simple Life star threw a party earlier this month (May09) to celebrate her and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt's arrival to the street.
Police broke up the bash after it culminated in damage to a number of luxury cars on the road - and just days later (15May09), cops were called again when Hilton and Reinhardt were accused of making too much noise.
One neighbour is so sick of the constant disturbances he offered to pay Hilton's landlord an extra $5,000 (£3,333) a month for the property - as long as the pair is evicted.
But Hilton insists she is the perfect neighbour - and is upset by the residents' reactions.
She tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "They are being so mean. We're the nicest neighbours in the whole world. It makes me so sad."