Paris Hilton's mum KATHY broke down during weekend interviews about her upcoming socialite-for-a-year reality TV show - when she was asked about her daughter's sex tape.

Kathy Hilton couldn't escape questions about the infamous sex tape - in which Paris stars alongside her former boyfriend RICK SOLOMON - which has made its way onto the internet.

She sobbed, "What I've learned from this is that life is not always perfect and to realise too that you move forward and you move on and that's all we can do.

"Everyone in our family was hurt but Paris was our main concern because she was just blown away. A lot of families go through a crisis but they're not under the microscope and so high-profile."

And now Kathy has started filming her untitled new programme - in which she'll groom an ordinary American girl and turn her into a high-profile socialite - she admits she's no fan of reality shows, and tried to talk her daughter Paris out of starring in The Simple Life.

She adds, "With some of these shows, it's so sad that people put themselves out there and they are embarrassed and humiliated. That's not entertainment to me."

15/06/2004 10:01