LATEST: Paris Hilton has explained her reasons for breaking off her engagement to Greek shipping heir PARIS LATSIS - she's not prepared to ditch her career for marriage.

After just a four month engagement, the 24-year-old hotel heiress broke off wedding plans with Latsis, 22, because she didn't want to rush into marriage too quickly.

Hilton, who says she has movies "in the works" with Latsis explains, "I have seen the breakups between people who love each other and rush into getting married too quickly. I do not want to make that mistake.

"I'm still young and still have a very active career that I'm not prepared to give up. I have worked very hard to get to where I am. Paris is a great guy and we will handle this with dignity and respect."

Meanwhile, Latsis's father, GREGORIS KASIDOKOSTAS, has declined to say why the two broke up, but brands the wedding postponement "common sense", adding, "(Latsis) is young and he should wait (for marriage). He should be patient."

Hilton and Latsis first met as teenagers 10 years ago in a Monaco club, and in December (04) they embarked on a romance while skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland, over the holidays.

The couple became engaged at the end of May (05), with Latsis giving Hilton a 24 carat, $5 million (GBP2.7 million) diamond engagement ring.