Paris Hilton is unaware of how furious her celebrity pals are after their details were leaked onto the internet from her hacked T-MOBILE sidekick.

A galaxy of stars including Christina Aguilera, Eminem and Cameron Diaz all found themselves the victims of prank calls after their phone numbers were published online - and although they are still fuming, Hilton is oblivious of their wrath.

When quizzed as to whether she thought her friends were angry, she blithely responded, "No. It happened to a bunch of people and everyone's stuff was on the net.

"It's really scary that people can just get into your information like that, something that you're just carrying around with you, so I was totally freaked out."

The blonde socialite may be surprised to hear Diaz has accused her of "completely devastating North America", and some stars are taking their rage even further.

BLACK EYED PEAS star Fergie has vowed, "I am going to kill Paris Hilton."

10/05/2005 21:21