Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is having a hard time getting over the recent break-in at her Hollywood home - because a lot of the jewellery stolen in the raid belonged to her late grandmother.

Hilton was horrified when she learned the home she shares with her sister NICKY had been broken into on Wednesday (04AUG04) by thieves who took a selection of valuable jewels.

But the blonde beauty is deeply upset by the absence of her more sentimental items.

She says, "My grandmother passed away a few months ago and left my sister and me all this jewellery, and now it's gone."

Hilton says the thieves, who she suspects were not strangers, left behind an array of valuable electronic equipment, but walked away with personal photographs.

The sisters are hoping to move into a more secure home next month (SEP04).

09/08/2004 21:32