Paris Hilton has hired a top acting coach in a bid to be taken seriously on the big screen. The socialite's music and acting efforts have been largely mocked to date, but Hilton isn't giving up and she's called in drama guru Ivana Chubbuck to help her win bigger and better roles. The odd couple worked together on the set of new comedy The Hottie + The Nottie and Hilton is amazed by her teacher's techniques. She says, "She's an incredible acting coach... If it's a scene where I have to get upset, I'll think of a past person. I'll think of something in my life, use it in the scene, and it really works." She'll also be calling on Chubbuck to help her get into character for her upcoming guest spot in hit U.S. cable series The L Word. Hilton adds, "I've learned actors are really great if they've lived the life and a lot of things have happened to them. I've had a lot happen to me in my life. Now I've learned to use those experiences in my acting."