LATEST: Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's search for her beloved Chihuahua TINKERBELL is over, after the pooch was found alive.

A distraught Hilton, who was often seen carrying Tinkerbell in her arms as she went about her daily life, initially offered a $1,000 (GBP550) reward, which was quickly upped to a $5,000 (GBP2,770) payment for the dog's return, after it went missing last week (ends13AUG04).

Hilton's publicist TRACY SHAFFER has confirmed that Tinkerbell was found alive, but has not revealed where the dog was found, what condition the pooch is in, or if the reward was claimed.

Posters carrying Tinkerbell's picture still adorn many lampposts around the West Hollywood area, near the home Hilton is renting, which was recently burglarised.

Neighbours, who helped in the search, had feared a coyote attacked Tinkerbell.

It's unclear how the dog managed to get away.

18/08/2004 21:00