Paris Hilton was forced to go out in disguise during her summer (05) trip to Greece - because fans followed her day and night.

Hilton and her family travelled to the European nation to make plans for her marriage to Greek shipping heir PARIS LATSIS.

But Hilton's mother KATHY admits that making wedding plans during the visit proved to be a lot more difficult than they'd anticipated.

She says, "It would have been difficult (to make plans) because even going out at night in Mykonos, when we thought most people would be asleep, we saw people standing on the rocks or lurking in alleys looking for Paris.

"We tried to disguise ourselves with wigs and scarves. When we would go out to dinner, we'd either dine inside the yacht withthe curtains closed, or we would go out to places where Paris would wear a wig and a hat, and we'd sit in a little cove and that worked out fine.

"Then people started recognising Mr Paris and then we had to be more cautious."

Hilton recently announced that she found the perfect place in Greece to exchange nuptials with Latsis, but they've yet to set a wedding date.