Paris Hilton has confirmed new boyfriend DOUG REINHARDT has bought her a puppy as a love gift.
Reports suggested the lovestruck beau bought the socialite a $10,000 (GBP7,140) teacup Pomeranian during a recent trip to Japan.
Appearing on America's Ellen talk show, Hilton refused to go into details about the price of the pooch, but admitted, "He bought me a puppy... It's the cutest dog I've ever seen in my life... I love him.
"We were in Tokyo and we were in a pet store and we saw it and I fell in love."
But Hilton admits her other dogs are jealous of her new pet: "Marilyn is very jealous - my little blonde Pomeranian.
"When I'm not there, she's all over him but as soon as I'm there, then she's like, 'Mom, I'm the number one.'"