Bosses at men's magazine Playboy have got Paris Hilton's handler's hopping mad again by calling on her look-alike, Natalie Reid, to pose naked - as the hotel heiress. Under the headline 'One night as Paris,' Canadian doppelganger Reid bares all while striking the socialite's famous pouty poses and holding Hilton's favourite accessory, a chihuahua. The resemblance to blonde Hilton is striking, which has upset the SIMPLE LIFE star's aides - the same people who objected to a Playboy cover shot of the socialite in March 2005. Back then, the blonde and her handlers felt the shot, which featured a smiling Hilton posing in a sexy red bustier with her fishnet-clad legs in the air under the headline, 'Paris Hilton: Sex Star of the Year,' gave people the impression she had posed nude for the men's magazine. Hilton has always refused offers to pose naked in Playboy, despite having bared all to the world inadvertently in leaked sex tape 1 NIGHT IN PARIS. The socialite insists magazine mogul Hugh Hefner has been desperate to feature her charms in the classic men's publication, but she has demurely declined. She says, "They've asked me a million times. Hef has been after me since I was 17, and I got offered a lot of money. I'll never do it."