A couple who claim they were hurt when struck by Paris Hilton's Mercedes-Benz must take their case against the heiress to another court. In the lawsuit IVAN ALVAREZ and MONICA DELGADO allege they were injured when Hilton's cousin, BROOKE ASHLEY BRINSON, rear-ended them while she was driving a car owned by Hilton. Pomona, California Superior Court Judge ROBERT A DUKES ruled Thursday (19OCT06) that the couple had suffered less than $25,000 (GBP14,000) in damages during the May 2004 accident and were required to transfer their suit to the West Covina Superior Court that handles lesser claims. Alvarez and Delgado sued the STARS ARE BLIND singer for personal injury, negligence and property damage in May (06). Both had asked for $250,000 (GBP139,000) in damages. Hilton was not present in court for the hearing and was not in the car when the accident occurred in Baldwin Park, California. The couple claim that Brinson rear-ended a car on the San Bernardino Freeway that in turn smashed into their vehicle.