Paris Hilton is fed up with tabloid reports sullying her reputation - and she's taking to her official blog to blast journalists who fabricate stories about her sex life.
Britain's Daily Mail newspaper claimed on Saturday (23May09) that heiress Hilton was thrown off a yacht while in Cannes, France after she was caught getting overly affectionate with her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, in a restroom.
But the socialite is adamant the story is wrong - and is demanding reporters take more responsibility when writing about celebrities' lives.
She writes on her blog, "That story some tabloid ran about my boyfriend and I on a yacht is such a lie that it's a joke! That was my good friend's boat and first of all she would never ask me to leave and second of all I would never do that.
"It's so lame that people will just create these crazy stories. I can't believe the stories people will make up, so gross! I'm so sick of all these false rumours, it's not fair that writers can get away it. They have no credibility."