Paris Hilton was pushed into becoming a socialite celebrity, according to the writer of a new book documenting the rise of the wannabe pop star's famous family. JERRY OPPENHEIMER, author of HOUSE OF HILTON - FROM CONRAD TO PARIS: A DRAMA OF WEALTH, POWER AND PRIVILEGE says he pities Paris after uncovering details of her pressurised childhood. He says, "Her mother, KATHY, put her in make-up and allowed her (into) nightclubs from a very young age. I feel sorry for her because in a way she had no chance to do anything else but live the dreams that her grandmother and her mother had for themselves." Oppenheimer worries Hilton's unusual upbringing has affected her, saying, "Paris will say whatever comes into her head. She tends to make up stories and scenarios. I do wonder if she doesn't live in a fantasy world herself." Oppenheimer also claims the Hilton clan reacted bizarrely towards the home video scandal that featured Paris and her then boyfriend Rick Salomon having sex in 2004. He says, "Behind the scenes her parents were not opposed to (the sex video) because that totally launched her."